The original animations for your wedding

If you are one of those who are tired of the common animations that we find at every wedding, this article is for you! The atmosphere that lasts without ever falling throughout the evening? Thanks to the advice of our experts Aymeric from Lol Events , Priscilla from Breizh Cup Cake Events , Mylene from General Deer  and Corinne from Quenottes and Petons, it’s as if it were done!


According to Priscilla, the wedding planner full of pep’s agency Breizh Cup Cake Events , “for a wedding takes place in a good atmosphere, we must succeed in creating cohesion while taking into account that this type of event brings together people of any age, any network and any type of profile. Added to this first difficulty, it must be remembered that two families are united: two stories, two moods, two environments that must be satisfied. Beyond the family, work colleagues, holiday buddies, classmates, childhood friends are also present … and everyone comes with his half. In other words, you are the ultimate link between all these people from different backgrounds, difficult to find them all a common point. Teeth Whitening Warwickshire



For magic to work and for everyone to find their place without being forced to do so, use unifying animations , which are not elitist, that is to say privileging your witnesses or your family. You have to choose simple animations that are for the whole assembly. “We propose for married couples who have a ceremony in the morning and do not know what to do with their guests during the afternoon, the wedding Olympics. Of course since the guests are well dressed, there is no question of them doing sports. Our Wedding Olympiadsallow diners to get to know each other and have fun with small team games adapted to the wedding: bouquet throwing contest. The server race also has a champagne fountain contest with plastic cups and other fun games, ” explains Aymeric de Lol  Events .



When is the best time to start an animation?

Priscilla, from Breizh Cup Cake Events  goes on to say that the best time for entertainment is the meal .” At the cocktail party, guests wander around , kiss the bride and groom, meet old acquaintances, in other words, they are busy and do not really have time to play. During the meal, however, guests can meet people they do not know at table, it’s time to create cohesion. At this time of the evening, everyone is listening. ” Although it seems logical, you should know that ” the laugh is unifying: creating links between guests allows for a crazy atmosphere at the dance party. If your guest had fun, he will keep a good memory of your wedding, so you won your bet. ”


The ideal moment for the animations? Timeouts  : when the service riddles for example. This keeps your guests occupied and gives the service time to serve the plates: double advantage! Aymeric de Lol Events confirms: “Between the dishes, we regularly do comic magic in the form of sketches to make the guests laugh and raise the mood, but also musical quizzes to make people sing.”