A wedding yes, but at the beach!

Champagne buckets planted in the warm sand, the lapping of waves in the background, a sunset on the Atlantic as a background, in 2018, the bride and groom choose to celebrate love at the beach. Exit the boho and country themes. The wreaths and other yurts have had their day. This season, if the bride and groom do not go to the beach, it’s the beach that comes to them. They dare potted palms as deco or outright inflatable for an assumed kitsch effect. The deckchairs are part of it. Shellfish and crustaceans too. Organizers of the wedding festival Andy have sniffed the vein and organized their last edition, last November, around this theme. Smiletec360 Derbyshire



According to Jeanne Lafitte Boulart , co-founder of the festival and the collective “Nabie says yes”: ” It’s a trend that combines many elements: a return to simplicity, a desire for wide open spaces, a decoration that will favor strong elements (screen, wicker armchair …) rather than focusing on details like the markers (which were finally noticed only by the bride) The 2018 brides are coming out of classic rooms and traditional codes for a great moment more casual party “. During her shoots, the photographer Elodie Winter “feel that the newly-weds are more and more in need of ceremony and reception in the open air.


They turn to unusual landscapes. Some even go further and choose to engage in an ‘elopement’ (fugue amoureuse, in French) . ” The bride and groom then say yes during a trip, usually in an extraordinary setting (aka instagrammable), like a desert , in the heart of a forest or in the tropics. “Just both, sometimes with a small handful of people, sometimes only their photographer , adds Elodie. I think it goes through the minds of a lot of people during the preparations to send everything around and focus on the essentials “.


Pop-up weddings are popular

In the same stream of inspirations, wedding specialists see the advent of a new kind of ceremony: pop-up weddings. Lightning weddings, but trendy, with a small number of guests (usually less than twenty) and especially a turnkey organization. In Washington, Maggie Gaudaen founded the agency Pop! Wed Co. with her husband. To his credit, a ceremony in a church with mural fresco arty, another in a yoga studio , another in a wine cellar … Married in Dr. Martens , alliances made to the 3D printer. In short, offbeat, but without false note. ”


Our goal is to offer the most fun weddings on the planet. We provide a legal officiant, the best photographers of the city, extras like cake, confetti and a graphic decoration. We work with each couple to imagine a unique day. The idea is really that they relax and take advantage of the awesome thing about getting married, without the stress of the organization. ” The dream.