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Wedding Decoration 

First of all, we will explain why you should put a lot of impetus besides original ideas in the decoration for weddings, whether you are a wedding planner or if you want to organize yourself. Pristine Build Banbury



A wedding is a very special event, it is a day to remember, it is a day in which there is a special emotion, many feelings, happiness … And a day in which everything adds up; every detail in the wedding decoration is very important so that your ceremony either for the church or for the civil thing goes well. And although a wedding is really just a ceremony that is done either religiously in a church or civilly in a garden or outdoor space, today it is much more than that.


Decorating a wedding is more than a tradition!

In addition, there are many traditions around a cheap wedding decoration: from the organization of the same, the dress, the party and the style or theme that you will use. And not only that, there are also several superstitions that come from many years ago.


What is known as carrying something old, new, something used, something borrowed and something blue is a popular belief that everything will go well since the Middle Ages. At that time it was said that using an object of each would bring good luck: the old would give continuity to marriage, the borrowed symbolized happiness, the new that the future would be optimal and the blue represents fidelity.


And, although the bride’s clothes, the color of the bride’s dress, the bouquet, the guests and the different details that exist in a wedding are important, so are the original wedding ornaments and have a defined style whether vintage, boho chic, country, Ibiza, etc. …


The banquet or the after party is very important, indeed, it would be difficult to imagine a link without that ceremony afterward… It is for this reason that today we want to talk about decorating ideas for original weddings; because we think it’s something fundamental.


What’s more, if right now we think of “wedding decoration” the first thing that comes to mind is light colors, pastel colors. Although, depending on each taste and each theme you can opt for some colors or others.


Ornaments for original wedding to make a difference

Now let’s see some fundamental decorative ornaments in the decoration of an original wedding.


First of all, you should choose a theme for the wedding or a style since that will be what determines the type of decorations that should be put. Think you can do both a traditional church or civil wedding as an informal ceremony ( in gardens, beaches, salons … ) and it is important to consider the place where the link will be held at the time of decorating.


With what theme will you decorate your wedding?

Focus on a type of wedding decoration: boo, vintage, country, Ibiza or rustic are the latest trend.


Then we recommend that you take into account each and every one of the details:


Presents the food in an original way:

Apart from making a candy bar or a special place to place certain foods, take care of that presentation. We encourage you to use different types of accessories and containers to place drinks and food.