Why people throw confetti on wedding?


Without a doubt, all of us have attended an important event such as a wedding, be it a family member, a friend or our own and we have launched rice or the well-known confetti for cheap weddings. Over the years we have seen that there is a typical custom in weddings once the ceremony has finished inside the church or where the commitment is celebrated, this custom is to throw rice to the couple as a sign that they have joined or use certain cannons that throw confetti on their own, and it’s a time of celebration. But there are many people who choose not to use rice and leave it on the street floor, and that is why they choose to use other products such as flower petals. Local good value builders Milton Keynes



Throwing cheap wedding confetti is usually the option most used by people on these occasions as it has always been considered synonymous with joy and good times. It is nothing more than small pieces of paper cut into very small pieces and with different shapes and varied colors, its use is simple, it is being thrown creating a really nice effect in the air as they fall.


Normally it has the shape of very small circles, but sometimes there are people who prefer to innovate and give them shapes as pretty as those of a star, creating a confetti for paper wedding totally different from the rest and turning them into something even more novel that does not leave to be a success.


The most used wedding confetti is the heart shape and the white one

Obviously this type of element is not something that has emerged today, but has been existing for several years, is one of the elements that are usually accompanied by typical colored streamers helping to achieve a more striking space.


From any online store we like the idea that this type of product is used in occasions as special as weddings, where it is a really important day for the protagonists and where everything should go perfectly well. In these occasions it is very important to take care of all the details, even the most insignificant ones, but they must be taken into account like any other. Undoubtedly some confetti for heart wedding would be a success on a day like this.


That’s why we always make sure that our customers when they buy, receive the best products they can find within the market at a really economic price. Like all our products, they also pass a quality process to ensure that quality is what everyone would be looking for, and the composition of their materials makes them a cheap but very resistant confetti wedding cannons.


Despite being of a small size the resistance of its material is much greater , being able to use them without worry. It is a product that can be used by anyone without depending on the age you have, so even the youngest can animate the wedding by throwing these fun confetti of varied colors in the air.


Our cheap wedding confetti is available in 10 colors

Within any online store we have for sale the possibility of buying cheap wedding confetti so that anyone can get a ceremony full of joy and good times. Who has never had fun playing with them with their friends, or has seen how this curious product was launched creating incredible shows.