Confessions of a saleswoman of wedding dresses


Being the best friend of brides during long months of preparation is the job of Julie, 33 years old. For about a year, the young woman is responsible for a wedding dress shop. After leaving her last job as head of purchasing in haute couture, she decided to train in the business of wedding glider and is hired in a large wedding brand. On the occasion of our Wedding Week, she confides and tells us her daily life and her anecdotes for the best … and for the worse. LipoFreeze weight loss Farnborough

A real vocation

“My current job is for me a revelation!” Generally a year goes from the first blow of heart to the last fitting of the dress.The time to create a strong and particular relationship between the future bride and me.I feel invested with a mission, I try to be as attentive as possible and I like to see the happiness on their face when they come back after the D-Day to show us the pictures of their wedding.I have even been invited to the wedding of a young woman whom I advised for several months! ”

All “haired”

“Regularly, the girls are not shaved, it would not be a problem if I did not have to go with her to the cabin to help them get ready, but I do not pay attention to them but they … they refuse to withdraw their trousers! Trousers under a wedding dress have you ever seen that ?! From now on we are cunning thanks to the petticoats … ”

No discomfort between us

“Brides who cry for joy, it’s the daily life for me.” Overwhelmed by the emotion, they crack of happiness, but a few months ago the future bride I was taking care of was so moved that she made a A few sugars imbibed with mint alcohol later, the young woman was in top shape! ”

Always think of wipes

“This day marked my olfactory memory: a young woman from a good family came to try dresses, stuck in the room with her and a foul odor, I went back and forth to the reserve to catch my breath. Baby wipes so that customers can cool off, my only regret was not to have that day … ”

Bridesmaids” ?

“Often the brides come for their fittings, this bride had moved with several friends.While the bride was trying on one of the dresses, I heard her friends whispering ‘I love’, ‘this dress is perfect ‘… But to my surprise, when my client came out of the booth, her girlfriend band claimed that this famous dress did not fit her, that it was not pretty, so once the future maid left for fitting, I could not help but put back her friends, after all it was HER marriage.

Besides, if I can afford to give you a piece of advice, if you can, go try on your dress with your mother, because she always wants you to be the most beautiful, and her honesty will certainly save you from many situations. . “