Bags of confetti for weddings

Many people use bags of confetti for weddings for the reason that we have been discussing previously, which was to replace the classic rice and use this nice to throw the bride and groom once they give the yes I want. But it is not the only use that has been given to them in weddings, without going too far, many people choose to use cannons that throw confetti during the wedding dance or at the end of the ceremony, creating an impressive surprise effect. Family Mediators Cheshire


Confetti cannons for weddings ideal for throwing at the departure of the couple

This idea we have seen on the big screens, being an idea that many take in movies or television series and where you can better observe the effect that this type of surprises causes on the wedding guests.


It is even better when the surprise is for the boyfriends themselves, where their reactions of surprise and joy are united during that special and fun moment.


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All models are flame retardant so they are totally safe

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Surprise the bride and groom in the event that you have to organize the wedding using these bags of confetti to congratulate them or in the case of your own wedding, remember that with this heart wedding confetti you can recreate a full space of good moments shared with all your guests.