Along with the traditional wedding list, you may have planned to leave the choice to your guests to express their little touches. In your wedding decor, you will integrate an urn, a box or other containers where will be placed words of affection and, very often, envelopes of gifts in kind. If a decorated box often serves as a container for them, you may want more original solutions for these valuable testimonials. Here are five that should inspire you!

A wedding decoration in the shape of a hat
With endless variations and volumes, a hat is a daily object that turns into a perfect urn. There are as many headgears as themes so you can adapt to yours, even for an outdoor wedding decor. New Forest Divorce mediation

A chef’s hat for lovers of cuisine and gastronomy, a cap for a sporting theme, a top hat for a chic or magical side, a pretty straw hat for a walk in the fields, a beret for authentic weddings and even, why not, a cowboy hat for a trip to the Wild West or a motorcycle helmet for addicts!

A romantic turn borrowed from animals
To create an original urn yourself, you can also borrow certain objects from the animal world. Romantic as you wish, the carved birdcage with pretty white flowers is simply beautiful.

To make a small piggy bank, find a nest deserted for a long time by its occupants. You can also make it yourself, like a bird mum, using branches, herbs, and twigs while sliding a few colorful flowers.

For a country wedding decor, do not hesitate to clean and decorate an old rabbit hutch found at your grandparents and fill it with flowers and hay.

The different nesting boxes and perches of birds also make excellent runs and piggy banks. Do not forget the little wooden house usually hanging in front of your window.

Garden background inspiration for your wedding decor
The bottom of your garden is also a fabulous place to inspire your wedding decor. Is your wedding under the sign of nature? Wheelbarrow and watering can blend beautifully into the decor to collect the little touches of your guests.

The most manual of you will also try to create a nice container with a garden fence. Your achievements will then depend on your imagination: characters, geometric shapes, animals … it’s up to you!

An XXL wedding urn
As you know, many guests will use the ballot box at their disposal. Opt for an XXL container! Suitcase, bag, old chest will play their role of piggy bank to perfection.

Here again, their diversity gives the possibility to match them with the decoration of the wedding. A straw beach basket, a golf bag, a cabin-size suitcase, a briefcase, a school bag, a handbag … Create your own XXL urn using paper.

You can find chests ready to decorate in DIY stores and handicrafts. Customization guaranteed!

An urn according to the wedding decor
To stick to the theme of the day, you can even go even further by making miniature reproductions. Some tables of newlyweds welcome true works of art.

The urns take turns to form a pyramid for a wedding under the sign of Egypt, a cottage to recall mountain origins, a castle for a medieval theme, an igloo for a wedding in full winter, a hut for a trip in the tropics or a lighthouse for weddings with sea views.