Healthy High Protein

Wedding day is a very important and serene event in everyone’s life. No one wants to let it go ruined; each and every person tries to make it as special as possible so that they remember for a lifetime. Everything in a wedding is heavy and exotic from the dresses to the ornaments and the food items. The food is the most attractive part of a wedding. Everyone awaits for it next to the bride and the groom. Moreover in Indian marriages, the type of food served is one way of judging how readily and how much the families have spent in their weddings.

The food prepared in the weddings is mostly fried and heavy that suits the tongues of the guests. But yes! What suits the tongue never suits the health. Therefore eating much of this food is not considered healthy. Rather Healthy high protein meals can be preferred over these oily, fatty foods as these are good for everyone’s health too. A lot is spent over the luxurious food items in the weddings. But what comes out of it? Almost half of them go wasted. People fill their plates to the maximum extent possible and end of leaving more than half of the food.

If we think, even if half of this leftover food is saved for the orphans or the needy; it would bring such happiness on their faces and contentment to our hearts. But for us, it’s just another wedding, another set of those food items which we tend to let go wasted. Also when we eat it, we get no considerable amount of energy. It is prepared in strong salts and full of spices that cause harm to the mucosal linings inside the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, it can cause problems such as gastritis, stomach ache, vomiting and headache .

Healthy high protein meals are the ones that are actually needed by all. It is not necessary that for dishes to be appealing and tasty, they be prepared in the oil. Rather the high protein meals can also be prepared which are equally tasty and delicious and serve the purpose wholly. It will be like a blessing for the wedded couple if they are able to do something good for their guests on the day of their wedding. They will be receiving a good lot of blessings along with the smiling and fulfilled stomachs of their guests. What more one can dream of!

Therefore such lavish spending on the food of marriages should be highly discouraged and the preparing of the healthy and nutritious food ought to be encouraged. Weddings are for enjoying and they are a lifetime memory therefore no one should take sour memories with them of getting unwell the next day only due to binging of food. So, if healthy and nutritious high protein meals are served, the people will feel energetic and ready to participate in each and every event of the wedding rather will increase the fun of the wedding by dancing all night.