Bridesmaids Trying to Upstage the Bride


Bridesmaids Trying to Upstage the Bride

“My bridesmaid’s going rogue! What should I do?” It’s a horrible feeling to be preparing for your own wedding, but to have your bridesmaid trying to outshine you; Even worse than that is if she tries to do so at the wedding itself. Things like that should never happen; someone who has been given the honour of being chosen as your bridesmaid should be thrilled and do everything in their power to make your day as special for you as they can. But to err is human. Jealousy is one of those errors. Sometimes we just can’t help it. So, what should we do about it?


Don’t Get Angry and Attack Them

If your bridesmaid really is trying to outshine you, do your best to keep calm. Under no circumstances am I telling you to bottle it up and keep it to yourself. You must talk to them about it. However, before you attempt to confront the issue, make sure you aren’t angry or preparing to attack her. The best way to confront the issue is with a quick two minute discussion. If you are taking more than two minutes to tell her how you feel, it means you’re venting at her. This will only make things worse. Your bridesmaid will likely feel hurt or anger of her own which will more often than not cause her to go even further out of her way to outshine you. Keep things calm and do your best to resolve the matter peacefully.

Check Yourself for Jealousy

Even before you confront your bridesmaid, you should check yourself. Do you hold any jealous thoughts toward this woman? Perhaps you’ve always felt that she was prettier than you? If this is true, you may want to admit that to yourself and make absolutely sure that she is, in fact, trying to outshine you. For all you know, it may be that she is just trying to look her best for you on your big day. If there is even a chance that the jealousy is yours and not hers, make sure to ponder that chance before confronting her.

Make Their Attempts to Outshine You Humorous

So you’ve come to the conclusion that she really is trying to outshine you? And you’ve already confronted her, but she refuses to back down? Alright, all you can do now is try to laugh it off. Turn her petty jealousy into a joke. The joke should not be to put her down though. It should simply be a joke showing that you expected as much of her. For example you may say, “Oh, there’s Amy being Amy again.” This way you’re letting everyone know you’re aware of what’s going on, but you aren’t furious or hurt by it. This may dissuade them from paying her any attention.

Remember Who You Are

Lastly, remember this; only you are the bride of this wedding. This is your big day, not your bridesmaids. No matter how much effort she puts into looking pretty, you will still be the most stunning woman in the place. Eyes may be on her every now and then, but it your face and what you and your groom do that people will remember. Don’t let one petty person ruin your big day. Live it! Feel it! Enjoy it! Do that and I promise you won’t give a damn what she tried to do, because no matter what, it was still your perfect wedding day!